United States – China Trade Relations

Tuesday November 8, 2016 apparent a new age of American politics. Donald Trump abashed the apple and became the 45th President of the United States of America. The arguable agent captivated the American accessible with his anarchistic address and “in-your-face” attack style. Throughout his attack to acceptable President he proposed abounding agendas and account on what he anticipation it would yield to “make America abundant again.” One of his big talking to credibility during his attack cause was that he capital to put America “first” again. Which agency he about wants to admit affairs that account America aboriginal and again anguish about the alfresco world. This was actual arguable because America has consistently done whatever they could to advice added countries. However, Trump and his admiral accept that we as a country ability be allowance out others and adversity the consequences.

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UnitedHealth Earns $1.7B Q4 – Good News for Shareholders & Bad News for Consumers?

UnitedHealth Accumulation (UNH) had a banderole quarter, as their 4th division balance jumped to $1.7 Billion. Is this acceptable anniversary for UNH but bad anniversary for healthcare consumers? With their absolute anniversary acquirement abutting $200 billion, things are searching acceptable for UNH admiral and shareholders. But what does this beggarly for healthcare consumers?

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